Reliable, high quality water is critical to fruit and vegetable production. The CFVGA Water Committee is therefore dually charged with (1) providing water resource information that can assist CFVGA members to continue and advance their farming operations and (2) connecting members, water policy makers and regulatory agencies to promote understanding of the potential impacts both positive and negative, of water related policies on our members.

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Water Planning and Policy

Colorado Water Plan

Colorado Ag Water Alliance – Watch for tours and water workshops related to agriculture

CO Dept of Health & Environment

Rulemaking for standards for the use of municipal reclaimed water for irrigation of edible crops



        Regulation 85 review of nutrient standards 

Colorado River Drought Contingency Planning

US Bureau of Reclamation 

Colorado Water Conservancy Board 

Water Law

Colorado Water Courts

Citizen’s Guides to water law and water quality



Natural Resources Conservation Service Irrigation Guide

Irrigation Association 

CoAgMet for local crop water use reports


Snowpack and Stream Flow

United Water & Sanitation District’s South Platte Call Map

NCWCD’s Colorado and S. Platte streamflow forecast page (contains data between February and May)

NRCS Statewide snowpack map

NRCS Basin Data Reports (precipitation, snowpack, reservoir, forecast)

NRCS Snowpack Graphs (year-to-date compared to average) by Colorado divisions



Colorado Drought Response Portal

Colorado Water Conservation Board drought page

National Integrated Drought Information System (click on Colorado)

US Drought Monitor (click on Colorado) 


Water Quality

Colorado Water Watch (CSU)

Colorado Water Quality Control Commission

Colorado Water Quality Control Division


General Water Resources

USGS Colorado Water Center

Northern Water Conservancy District

Central Colorado Conservancy District

Colorado River District

Colorado River Water Conservation Board

Colorado Water Conservation Board

CSU – Water Center

CSU – Colorado Water Institute

Colorado Division of Water Resources

CFVGA Lunch and Learn Webinar | Getting WISE: new irrigation scheduling app from CSU | August 23, 2016 (1:06 minutes)

  • Optimal irrigation efficiency yields best crop performance
  • WISE is a web tool to help growers make irrigation scheduling decisions (when to irrigate?  how many inches?)
  • FC = field capacity, the maximum amount of water a soil can hold before gravity drains water down through the soil
  • AWC = available water capacity, amount of water plant roots can get from the soil, less than FC
  • PWP = permanent wilting point, the plant is dead!
  • MAD = management allowable depletion, the amount of water that can be lost from the soil before plant yield is reduced, varies by crop and soil texture, DO NOT EXCEED MAD

CFVGA Lunch and Learn Webinar | Determining Irrigation Run Times with Drip Irrigation on Specialty Crops | June 25, 2020 (36 minutes)

  • Drip irrigation is designed to apply relatively low volumes of water more efficiently than other irrigation systems.
  • When not properly managed, any increase in irrigation efficiency provided by a drip system can be lost.
  • Crops extract about 70% of plant available water from the upper half of their root system.
  • Application efficiency of drip irrigation is approximately 90%.
  • Learn simple calculations to determine how many minutes to irrigate with drip tape

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