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NOW Is Peak Season for Colorado Fruits and Vegetables CFVGA Urges Public to Use “Find Colorado Produce” Tool

For Immediate Release:  Aug. 5, 2022       Contact: Marilyn Bay Drake   303-594-3827  admin@coloradoproduce.org  


From Palisade Peaches to Olathe Sweet Corn and from Pueblo Chiles and Rocky Ford Melons to all the delicious and nutritious non-branded Colorado fruits and vegetables, Coloradans are urged to seek out and buy local during Colorado’s peak produce season.

“NOW is a fantastic time for Coloradans to seek out and enjoy Colorado produce,” said Marilyn Bay Drake, CFVGA executive director. “While we don’t have a long harvest season, the quality of the produce is exceptional! Many believe the hot days and cool nights make Colorado produce sweeter and more flavorful.”

Everyone from wholesale buyers to individuals is urged to use the “Find Colorado Produce” tab on the home page of the Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association’s (CFVGA) website. The tool allows buyers to search by produce item, marketing channel (wholesale, farmers market, etc.) and region of Colorado.

“Colorado produce farmers further ask the public for their help to urge grocery stores to stock Colorado produce and to seek out Colorado grown fruits and vegetables at grocery stores and farmers markets,” said Bay Drake.

Don’t know what produce is grown in Colorado or when it is harvested? Check out this harvest calendar for approximate times.

CFVGA also urges consumers to extend the harvest by purchasing extra produce to can, freeze or dry. Preserve Smart was developed by Colorado State University and provides detailed directions for canning, freezing and drying many of the fruits and vegetables grown in Colorado. Newbies to the skill of food preservation can also seek out help from their county Extension offices.

For recipes and farm features, check out CFVGA’s social channels: Facebook, Instagram

The Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association represents more than 260 members, including growers of all sizes and types of production throughout the state. The Colorado produce sector contributes nearly $485 million to Colorado at the farm gate and is multiplied as it goes through the distribution chain. Over 90,000 Colorado acres are in fruit and vegetable production.


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