Automated Weeder Demos - May 31, 2024

See machines in operation on the CSU Western Colorado Research Center - Grand Valley in Fruita, Colorado weeding cabbage
(a proxy for other potential crops).

Learn more about leading automated weeders for vegetable farms (removing weeds both between and in row).

Meet company representatives for more information.

From the plow to combine, from vacuum seeders to GPS and autosteer tractors, ag tech has always been integral to crop production. 

Following on the heels of precision agriculture, many are dubbing the use of automated weeders in specialty crops the “next agricultural revolution”.

Recent labor recruitment, retention and affordability issues are driving widespread adoption of these machines in California.  Colorado growers are facing similar issues and ag tech companies are interested in engaging with growers throughout Colorado.

Join in a second annual event for Colorado, a demonstration of industry leading vegetable farm  automated weeders at the CSU Western Colorado Research Center:

Where:  1910 L Rd, Fruita, Colorado  81521

When:  Friday, May 31, 2024 from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

    • 9:00 am: intros
    • 9:20 am: demos, field chat, and presentation from Western Growers
    • 11:30 pm: lunch 
    • 12:00 pm: panel discussion with ag tech company reps followed by networking
    • 1:00 pm: adjourn and continue networking

Lodging:  Hampton Inn, Downtown Grand Junction  
lodging block is released April 27.

Registration:  $5 plus Eventbrite fees and includes lunch – click here

Research on effectiveness:  See this webinar recording featuring Dr. Steve Fennimore’s research from UC Davis conducted on California vegetable farms using this technology.

Want more ag robotics?  Check out FIRA USA in California Sept 2024.  While you’re on that site, also see the Demo page from last year’s event to see a model for this Fruita event.    And check out the Wester Growers’ 2023 Specialty Crop Automation Report, detailing the status of farm labor challenges and automation solutions

Questions we will explore with companies:  

1. How are these weeding automation solutions different from each other?
2. What are some adoption barriers you’ve seen?
3. How many acres per hour can you weed?
4. Are you selling a product or service?
5. How are lenders financing these?
6. What technical assistance/customer support do you provide?
7. How does it get fixed if it breaks?
8. What is the longevity of your company?
9. How is the user experience and user interface?
10. What are common challenges growers face using your technology? How have they overcome those?
11. What if I need to sell this equipment?
12. Your questions!

Contact:  Adrian Card, State Specialist, Produce, CSU Extension | 970-491-6968 |

This event is funded in part by a Specialty Crops Block Grant from
the Colorado Department of Agricultu


Missed 2023 Rocky Ford event? 
Check out the video featuring equipment footage and interviews on-site with companies, growers and ag professionals.

Check out websites of ag tech companies confirmed participating in the demos.  

Barn Owl Precision Ag – steam weeder

Ecorobotix – precision sprayer

Verdant Robotics – precision sprayer

And check out this  CFVGA 2023 lunch and learn webinar series with leading automated weeder companies:

Recording –  May 4:  Moving cultivators | FarmWise and Stout Ag Tech

Recording – May 9:  Sharp shooters |
Carbon Robotics and Verdant Robotics

Recording:  May 25:  Multi-purpose platforms | Barn Owl Precision Ag and Naio Technologies

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