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Grower and Allied members receive membership in Western Growers for FREE.  See details on Member Benefits page.

There are four grower membership categories and three non-grower categories. Indicate the membership category that best fits your business, organization or you as an individual.  All membership applications are submitted to the CFVGA BOD for approval based on the criteria set forth in the CFVGA bylaws.


Grower Member

Non-Grower Member

Colorado Potato Administrative Council - $150

Membership exclusively for potato growers associated with Colorado Potato Administrative Committee.

Allied Member - $300

Any person, partnership, corporation, or other entity with a financial interest in the commercial vegetable and fruit industry in Colorado. Allied members have the right to vote.

General Interest Member (GIM) - $25

Any person that does not qualify for any of the above membership categories, who is approved by the CFVGA Board of Directors for their inclusion into this category and who pays the annual membership dues. General Interest Members have no direct financial interest in fruit and vegetable production but would like to stay informed about the Association Activities and assist the CFVGA achieve its mission in Growing Resources and Cultivating Success for Colorado fruit and vegetable farmers. (GIM do not have voting privileges.)

Partner Member - FREE

Any person with a collaborative interest in CFVGA that is an employee of CSU Extension, research, teaching and/or other higher education institution or an employee of any government entity that is involved in exemplary contribution to the commercial vegetable and fruit industry in Colorado who pays the annual membership dues and is approved for membership by the Board of Directors or its designee shall be a Partner Member.  (Partner members do not have voting privileges.)

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