About the CFVGA

Colorado produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables under some of the best climatic conditions in the country. Warm days, cool nights, and plentiful high-altitude sunshine give rise to flavor and nutritional development that is unparalleled.

Fruit and vegetable production is almost a $300 million industry at the farm gate in Colorado with over 85,000 acres in production. Besides nutritious and flavorful products, the industry supplies the citizens of Colorado with many other attributes that truly elevate the quality of life in the state.

Currently, Colorado fruit and vegetable growers face many common challenges. Population growth is altering markets and increasing pressure on limited land and water resources. Skyrocketing production costs, additional regulations governing labor, food safety, marketing, and other production practices create numerous hurdles for farmers to manage. Lawmakers and administrators unfamiliar with Colorado agriculture are developing policies and regulations with potential adverse effects.

The Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (CFVGA) was established in 2013 when it filed for incorporation as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. CFVGA’s goal is to improve the business sustainability and profitability of ALL sizes and types of Colorado commercial fruit and vegetable growers.

CFVGA is the go-to resource for Colorado fresh fruit and vegetable farmers. We connect Colorado growers with industry, government, academia and consumers to strengthen and expand Colorado fresh fruit and vegetable production.

CFVGA is the go-to resource for Colorado produce growers in five core areas of focus with partners including Colorado State University, the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Western Growers:


CFVGA provides a “one-stop-shop” for food safety information, resources, policy/procedure recommendations, policy updates, best practices and audit preparation.


Growers small, medium and large will benefit from a variety of resources and recommendations concerning labor management best practices, compliance and policy updates. CFVGA also provides advocacy for growers trying to remain profitable amid an acute farm labor shortage.


Critical to fruit and vegetable production in Colorado, water is another key focus of the CFVGA – including water resource management issues advocacy, policy updates, and water efficiency best practices.


CFVGA consolidates and disseminates information to growers and the public on the health and nutrition benefits of increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. Promotion to increase produce intake improves consumer health, while creating additional opportunities for Colorado fruit and vegetable growers.


CFVGA provides business resources to members to help them advance their farming operations and also connects members, policy makers and regulatory agencies to promote understanding of the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of business related polices on Colorado fruit and vegetable production.


The CFVGA Board includes successful commercial growers, produce industry members, and partners from the Tri-River area in Western Colorado, the San Luis Valley, the Arkansas Valley and Northern Colorado.

We hope members and visitors to this site avail themselves of the information available. For further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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